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Mywe Desktop manager is an all-around desktop enhancer that aims to improve your productivity, by providing you
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22 September 2014

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In a highly competitive world where we are always under a time constraint, it is but logical that we do numerous tasks simultaneously on our PCs. For example when you are working on a project you may have be preparing a report in a Word file while calculations are being made in an Excel spreadsheet. At the same point of time Outlook may be open for email communication while you are also browsing the web for information. Now at any point of time when you feel multitasking in Windows is getting difficult for you, you should install the Mywe Desktop manager 1.0.0 and experience the difference it makes to your work.

With the help of just a small access bar the Mywe Desktop manager 1.0.0 neatly helps you organize your applications in use and data files. It encompasses a virtual desktop that you can call in to compartmentalize a set of applications or files. It gives you quick access to different applications and even offers you transparency options that give you quick visibility on multiple windows. It intelligent auto-hide features are a pleasure to work with while it gives you the option to alter the size of a live window through quick keyboard shortcuts. If that was not all it offers you a rather interesting light box function wherein the active window remains bright while other windows in the background are suitably dimmed out. The application also comes with a z-index that can be used to set certain windows to appear on the top.

Overall the Mywe Desktop manager 1.0.0 application comes across as a great utility that can help ease your work while dealing with multiple applications at the same time. We mark it with a score of four ratings stars for its intelligent and well thought out options.

Publisher's description

Mywe Desktop manager is an all-around desktop enhancer that aims to improve your productivity, by providing you with a wide range of desktop functionality enhancements (Virtual desktop, autohide, live window, transparency, Lightbox, Z-Index).
In order to provide you with these features, the application overlays a small access bar onto your screen, which is visible from any program, without causing confusion or any other functionality issues.
To take advantage of the menu hidden behind this bar, you can simply hover with the cursor over it and access the dropdown items, which contain every feature bundled into the utility.
Mywe Desktop manager
Mywe Desktop manager
Version 1.0
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